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Level: [Usui I] Shōden
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A Reiki training features a supercharged healing and certification called an attunement. Each level or style of attunement - everything from the classic Usui Reiki to the mythic Kundalini Reiki - anchors specific, subtle healing frequencies deep into your nervous system. You'll receive a manual, relevant symbol flash cards, a 1-on-1 attunement, a 1-on-1 lecture and a certificate. After you complete your attunement, you will receive access to Heather's private Reiki What's App group where you can ask questions, receive free monthly 'tune-ups'/distance healing sessions and connect with other heart-centered practitioners.
My favorite part about sharing a Reiki attunement is that the opportunity for people's WHOLE lives to change for the better is opened up. New directions, stronger intuition and unwavering peacefulness. It usually happens softly and then swiftly. Perfect for any body worker, psychologist, medical professional, natural health practitioner, somatic therapist and birth worker!


Breakdown of the Usui Reiki Levels

I. Shōden: First Teachings
Ready to be your own healer? There's never been a better time to learn Reiki! Reiki can help you and those close to you become happier, healthier empowered with the original medicine right in the palms of your hands. Feel supported within and without. Enliven your loving touch. Connect to the Usui Reiki heritage. Learn creative applications of Reiki for food, water, plants, objects and more!
II. Okuden: Inner Teachings
Upgrade your Reiki skills in Usui II with me! We're going to turn up the dial on your Reiki power, learn how to clear and protect ourselves and our space, address the root of our 'problems,' work with sacred symbols (finally) and send Reiki remotely to any time and place. By learning the techniques to go subtler than time and space, you can heal the past, future and far far away. There's no better way to level up your life!
III & Master. Shinpiden: Transmission of the Universal Mysteries
Are you ready to take your Reiki practice to the ultimate level? The Usui Reiki III attunement grants you mastery. In the Reiki Master training, we learn the master Dai Ko Myo symbols that dial up your Reiki transmission even more (I know!). We learn techniques for conducting ki and awaken to Reiju, or the heart of passing Reiki attunements. In my training we also also revisit everything we've learned about Reiki with much more depth! My goal is for you to be an expert on Reiki so your connection to the source of nature is deepened, so you feel confident as a professional practitioner and so, if you choose to teach, that you have a rich knowledge that you can draw on.
I send you the original notes that Dr. Mikao Usui gave to his students.
Graduating as an Usui Reiki Master is also a prerequisite for any of the advanced attunements listed on this site.

How is a Reiki attunement different from a Reiki session?

A Reiki attunement is a supercharged session, offering immense relief and healing in and of itself. Each attunement allows you to be your own healer at that specific level.

Prices are bargain basement during the pandemic.

Receiving a Reiki attunement is a relaxing yet powerful spiritual experience.

Schedule of Course

90-minute Attunement

1 Hour Lecture

3 hour-long practice sessions


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