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Tradition: Kundalini Reiki I
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Each advanced attunement is a vibrant tradition that deepen your Reiki mastery. Open to all Usui Reiki Masters.


Choose from the following:

  • Kundalini I, II or III
    • The Kundalini Reiki I Attunement subtly strengthens the spiral medicine around your spine. Your spine is the connection between earth and spirit. You may also start offering Kundalini Reiki sessions to others!
    •  The Kundalini Reiki II Attunement further uncoils the infinite potential resting at the base of your spine. The Kundalini 'flame' is ignited.
    • The Kundalini Reiki III & Master Attunement attunes you to the full degree of Kundalini Reiki and its 6 mythic expansions: Diamond Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, Past Life Reiki, DNA Reiki, Birth Trauma Reiki and Location Reiki. You are also able to start attuning others to Kundalini Reiki.
  • Angel
    • The Angel Reiki Attunement connects you with Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel (Jibrael), Archangel Michael (Mika'il) and Archangel Uriel. Call upon them through Angel Reiki anytime, anywhere. After we are finished, you may begin offering Angel Reiki Attunements and sessions.
  • Rose
    • The Rose Reiki Attunement allows you to connect with the love of nature, to view the world through the eyes of love, to be able to speak more words of truthful compassion, to strengthen the ability to love, to love yourself more, to love your inner child and to love what you do. This is my favorite Advanced Reiki Attunement! You will also be able to share Rose Reiki sessions and attunements with others afterwards.
  • Money I, II or III
    • The purpose of the Money Reiki I Attunement is to help you release energetic blockages that are keeping you from financial prosperity and self-worth. Release ancestral memories of poverty consciousness. Receive healing streams of monetary grace in all energy bodies and have Money Reiki symbols placed in your energy centers. You can also begin to give Money Reiki sessions.
    •  The Money Reiki II Attunement reprograms your DNA for prosperity. Feel more deserving of money and abundance. Persevere and connect with the frequency of wealth. Harmonize with and express gratitude for prosperity. Earn, save and keep financial prosperity. You receive more symbols to add to your Money Reiki sessions.
    • The Money Reiki III & Master Attunement releases you of any money paradigms holding you back. Learn to charge food and water with prosperity. Clarify intuition to recognize money opportunities and fortify your creation energy to uplevel your work. Realize ultimate financial freedom with the master money symbols.
  • Karuna Ki
  • Karuna is a Sanskrit word translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others...compassionate action. The Karuna Ki Reiki Attunement includes 13 symbols and four levels in one. You may start offering Karuna Ki sessions and attunements afterwards.

  • Gold
    • With the Gold Reiki Attunement, you deploy the metaphysical characteristics of gold. This means an aura that attracts wealth and developing a high-value character. There are technically three levels of Gold Reiki, but I attune you to them all in one! You may begin sharing Gold Reiki sessions and attunements after your Gold Reiki Attunement.
  • Shamballa I, II or III
    • Shambhala Reiki is given to us from master St. Germain. It is a system that combines several energy healing modalities and types of Reiki for multi-dimensional healing.
    • Shambhala works with your higher self to align the mind, body, and spirit, supporting wholeness on all levels. This makes Shambhala Reiki wonderful to use for transformation, spiritual development, and following your life’s purpose.
    • With the Shambhala Reiki class your aura will be opened up to receive over 350 symbols. (These symbols are downloaded as needed, not all at the same time.) You will also receive a manual created by John Armitage who first channeled this energy; as well as a manual I created. You can begin giving Shambhala Reiki sessions and attunements after your third level of attunement.


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1 Hour Lecture & Practice


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