Remove Obstacles to Wealth Series

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Reiki to Remove Obstacles to Wealth is a series of seven sessions, workbooks and phone calls designed to:

  • align you to the frequency of Reiju, or 'giving and receiving, together as one'
  • reprogram your mind for prosperity
  • release ancestral memories of poverty consciousness
  • change your perception of money
  • remove oaths and promises of poverty
  • welcome prosperity in all of the energy bodies
  • allow healing streams of ease and grace for wealth
  • encourage you to feel good about finances
  • reprogram your DNA for prosperity
  • release mental blockages and self sabotage toward money
  • feel more deserving of prosperity
  • believe that you can attract prosperity
  • open up to the frequency of prosperity
  • connect with the frequency of wealth
  • harmonize with the energy of financial freedom
  • express gratitude for prosperity
  • release negative effects of past lives on prosperity
  • release any paradigm holding you back
  • charge food and water for prosperity
  • hone your intuition to recognize prosperity opportunities
  • open prosperity opportunities
  • give you permission to follow your dreams
  • enliven your creation energy

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7 75-minute Sessions

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